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ĎSourav has done all of us proud by pumping belief into his teammatesí
Sanat Mitra, 66, former coach of the skipper

Adelaide triumph, Calcutta toast
The young boys in their milk flannels on the Maidan had set aside their own willow and leather. They were, instead, huddling in front of a transistor from the moment Dravid and Laxman came out to bat after the tea break....  | Read.. 
Bank heist while staff wait
While cricket fever was at its peak in June, robbers had struck at the Gariahat branch of Punjab National Bank. Tuesday morni...  | Read.. 
Tee off on the greens with choice of tunes
Next time you are headed for the greens, donít forget to toss into your golf bag a list of latest chartbusters you can pick u...  | Read.. 
Aid centre blinded by adversity
Alecia Tundawalla, in her mid-20s, has cleared the National Eligibility Test and the State-Level Eligibility Test this year, ...  | Read.. 
Smokescreen shadow on schoolkids
The school-going child comes down with a mild cough for two days. The cough gets worse, followed by acute respiratory distre ...  | Read.. 
Adelaide triumph, Calcutta toast
Hello, it's Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Road to avoid
Rain check
Chanakya Vishnugupta
As part of Nandikarís on-going 20th National Theat...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Mushtaque Ali, cricketer.You leave a mark in whatever you do. Classical music rejuvenates you. You h ...Read.. 
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  Censor stink on flow of ink
  Dibyendu Palit
Funds pose no hurdle to riverfront revamp
Funds for revamping the four warehouses along the Hooghly on Strand Road in...  | Read.. 

Pauper twins in tax wrangle
Salt Lakeís cash-starved civic body has suffered a body blow to its coffers...  | Read.. 

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CESC worker found dead in office
Power cut possibility
Burning ghat row
BA flight schedule
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