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Health bosses hauled up after blood botch

Haldia (West Midnapore), Dec. 10: A day after about a thousand pouches of blood were found inside the septic tank of the Haldia subdivisional hospital, the government suspended the medical officer of the blood bank and showcaused the hospital superintendent.

A foul smell emanating from the septic tank on the hospital premises prompted the detection and recovery of the expired blood bags during a surprise visit by district chief medical officer of health Chandan Rudra and zilla parishad sabhadhipati Niranjan Sihi.

Hospital superintendent Sajal Mistry drew the attention of the inspecting team to the stench while its was doing the rounds, which prompted inspection of the septic tank.

In the presence of the officials, the source of the stink turned out to be putrefying pouches of blood, disposed of allegedly without permission from the hospital authorities, which is illegal.

“I have come to know that Mistry neither granted permission nor was he informed about the blood pouches found in the septic tank. This is not the method to dispose of blood even if it had expired. One is supposed to bury it in the ground with the permission of relevant authorities,” Rudra said.

The zilla sabhadhipati has ordered an inquiry into the incident. “It seems that the blood was intentionally destroyed by unauthorised persons and a departmental inquiry will be carried out following which the guilty will be punished. We will wait till the medical officer in charge of the blood bank, Moinuddin Naskar, who is attending a training session, comes back before making a decision,” Sihi said.

The subdivisional hospital’s blood bank is licensed to store 1,000 pouches of blood at any given time.

“The storage capacity of a thousand pouches sanctioned by the central blood bank in Calcutta is not adhered to. Instead, nearly 2,500 pouches are stored because of the many blood donation camps organised in the area,” said a hospital source.

The source added that it was earlier alleged that some of the officials of the bank sell the excess blood. “According to rules, the excess blood here should be handed over to the central blood bank.”

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