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Of superb artistic expression

Glass is an artificial substance that has been in use for nearly 2500 years to create a wide and varied range of objects, both functional and decorative. Its very nature makes it a versatile and flexible material that can be moulded and manipulated easily. Clear and transparent like rock crystal, opaque or richly coloured like semi-precious stones, it is a wonderful medium for artistic expression. In the West, glass is used extensively as a means of self-expression by artists. Art glass studios abound and various techniques are used to cajole and mould glass into stunning works of art. Srila Mookherjee has been working with glass and her current exhibition showcases some of her stunning creations. She says, “to me, blowing is a spontaneous creativity. The inherent natural beauty and expressiveness of the material is in itself a source of inspiration. When I start, I can control the line and colour of any given piece, but ultimately the resulting form is a collaboration between my blowing skills and the forces of nature. I am always excited to see results as they happen....” Mookherjee’s creations are not derived from any particular influence, they they are, in fact, inspired by the visual world around They are primarily based on form, colour and interplay with the immediate environment “and should be viewed for the ability to enhance the space it exists in.”

When: Till December 14; 10 am - 8 pm

Where: Oxford Bookstore, 17 Park Street

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