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Cliff refuge for Tony

London, Dec. 7 (AFP): Veteran pop singer Cliff Richard said today he had lent his Caribbean holiday villa to British Prime Minister Tony Blair this summer because the Premier was looking “gaunt” and “ancient-looking”.

Richard — one of whose best-known hit records was called Summer Holiday — said he had offered the luxury home in Barbados via Blair’s wife Cherie after the strain of the Iraq war looked to be getting to him. The Blairs and their four children took a break in the villa during August. “I saw him during the war and thought: ‘This man...became gaunt, tired, ancient-looking suddenly’,” said Richard, himself a famously young-looking 63.

“So I just phoned Cherie and I said: ‘Look, it just looks horrible, and I know it must be terribly difficult’,” Richard told Britain’s Sky News in an interview. “All I know is that a human friend of mine looked as though he needed a rest.”

Lenin film

Berlin (Reuters): A heart-warming German box office blockbuster, Good Bye, Lenin!, dominated the European Film Awards, taking six top prizes at the 16th annual competition. The bittersweet German comedy by Wolfgang Becker — which topped Germany’s box office this year with nearly $40 million — took best film, best actor, and best screenwriter. German actor Daniel Bruehl plays a teenage son whose mother, a devoted communist, falls into a coma just before the Wall comes down and wakes up eight months later. Doctors warn the shock of the changes sweeping the country could kill her. So he recreates a small East German world in their apartment six months after the Berlin Wall fell, to stop her learning that the Cold War has ended.

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