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Group urges fuming Mugabe to take a breather
The executive head of the Commonwealth urged a fuming Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to “take a breath” today before quitting the group in retaliation for his suspension over democratic failings. ...  | Read.. 
Castro says will outlast any Bush ouster bid
Cuban President Fidel Castro said yesterday he will outlast any Bush Administration plans to oust him and Cuba’s one-party communist state will survive his death. ...  | Read.. 
Pak re-entry
The 54-nation Commonwealth is unlikely to re-admit suspended Pakistan until President Pervez Musharraf gives up his military title and his powers to sack parliament, the grou ...  | Read.. 
TV influence on kids more than books, says Coetzee
South African novelist J.M. Coetzee, winner of this year’s Nobel literature prize, believes television has replaced books as a source of imagination for many children. ...  | Read.. 
Tom Cruise in a scene from The Last Samurai. (Reuters)
China relaxes ban on beauty contests
Until this year beauty pageants were banned in China, and last year’s Miss China contest was even b..  | Read.. 
Google links miserable failure to Bush biography
A search for the phrase “miserable failure” on the popular search engine Google brings up the biogr..  | Read.. 
Independent filmmakers win spat over Oscar ban
Independent film producers won a major court battle yesterd ...  | Read.. 

In shadow of train blast, Russia gears up for polls
Russia tightened security at polling booths, train stations ...  | Read.. 

Rumsfeld for quicker deployment of Iraq forces
US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the war ...  | Read..