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That Takes Ovaries

It’s fun, sassy, audience participatory, inspirational and a triumph for women! When a man does something particularly brave, we say, “That takes balls!” Now we have a phrase which is anatomically correct for women — “That Takes Ovaries.”That Takes Ovaries is a grassroots movement of empowerment and a celebration of everyday girls and women who may not make it to the history books or the cover of leading magazines, but who have guts. It all began with US-based Rivka Solomon’s book, That Takes Ovaries! Bold Females and their Brazen Acts — an exciting collection of real-life, ovaries-filled stories from women and girls about the brazen, outrageous, audacious, courageous things they have done. True tales of estrogen-powered deeds that range from playful to political, including women fighting for their human rights. To celebrate the upcoming Human Rights Day, Thoughtshop Foundation is hosting That Takes Ovaries Open Mike Story Sharing Session where women come together to share their own bold, ovary-empowered acts. These sessions are very special because they motivate, inspire and empower other women. They encourage women to be the heroes or rather “she-roes” of their own stories and lives. Mira Kakkar of Thoughtshop Foundation will be conducting the session and television actress Churni Ganguly will be the MC.

When: Todat at 4.30 pm

Where: Akar Prakar, P-238 Hindustan Park

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