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Delving into a mysterious universe

The inherent beauty of nature keeps changing every moment. It may not be visible to the common man but those bestowed with that special vision can see through nature’s exterior layer and delve into a mystrious and virgin universe. Pradip Datta’s first solo exhibition of photographs, Artification, is, in a sense, both abstract and yet not so. He is an explorer who discovers strange shapes and forms within apparently common objects of daily use. His endeavour to translate this beauty on celluloid is often rewarded with strikingly original forms and figures. Datta observes the visual world of nature — lakes and woods, hills and valleys, artifacts and architecture, interiors and exteriors of a mansion, and then with his magic wand (his camera), he transforms them into something else altogether. A tree becomes a nude woman or a muscular man. With sheer manipulation of light and shadow, he creates a chiaroscuro-like effect that suggest objects of unprecedented dimensions. He amplifies fragments that are full of allusions to things hidden within them.

When: Till December 7; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Central Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts

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