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Domestic carriers revise apex structures

New Delhi, Dec. 2: In the latest round of fare revisions, Indian Airlines and Jet Airways have raised their Apex (Advance Purchase Excursion) fares with effect from December 1, reports our bureau.

Jet has also introduced a new scheme for booking tickets 21 days in advance matching IAs D-21 fare scheme which will come into effect from December 22.

The third airline Air Sahara hasnt yet decided whether to revise its advance booking fare scheme.

Under the new fare structure, a Delhi-Calcutta ticket booked on IA flight 21 days in advance will cost Rs 3,800 now against Rs 3,250 earlier an increase of 16.9 per cent.

An IA ticket booked seven days in advance on the Delhi-Calcutta route will now be priced at Rs 7,200.

In the case of Jet, a ticket for the same route booked 21 days in advance will now cost Rs 4,300 and Rs 3,600 if purchased 30 days in advance.

Both IA and Jet have raised their fares by 8 to 12 per cent on most sectors, but the price increases on the routes to Calcutta and Chennai have been among the highest.

For instance, IAs Delhi-Mumbai ticket prices have been raised by around 10 per cent under the 21-day advance booking scheme and a little under 4 per cent under the seven-day scheme.

Jet has raised its Delhi-Mumbai fares by 7.65 per cent under the 15-day scheme from Rs 4,180 to Rs 4,500 and by 5.55 per cent from Rs 3,400 to Rs 3,600 under the 30-day scheme.

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