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Dating data reveal the dream mate

Are you chubby and looking for love' A good destination might be Portland, Oregon, where, more than any other place in the US, men and women state a preference for going out with someone who carries “a few extra pounds.”

Miami and San Diego, on the other hand, might best be avoided as they have an unusually strong preference for the svelte.

That, at least, is according to data from the online dating site (, which can use its data base of 12 million members to come up with all sorts of random trivia on singles in different parts of the US. It is a curious by-product of a hugely popular global dating service where members can check boxes on everything from desired height and body type, to hair colour, eye colour, thoughts on alcohol, drugs, astrology, religion, education and tattoos.

As millions more sign up for online dating services, some of the biggest providers are able to crunch some pretty specific data on regional preferences.

Men and women with red hair, for instance, are most in demand in Austin, Texas and least in demand in Miami, according to the data. Men in Denver prefer women with long hair. Men in Miami and Houston are most turned off by long hair. As for women’s thoughts on men with long hair, it is considered hot in Denver, not in Chicago.

And knocking down that long-standing saying that gentlemen prefer blondes, surveys have shown consistently that gentlemen actually prefer women with light brown hair. Blonde hair and dark brown hair tie even for second place.

And if guys who are a little on the short side feel they are being short-changed, they might want to consider relocating to Texas, where women have responded in disproportionate numbers that they are willing to date men 5-feet-6-inches or shorter. spokeswoman Trish McDermott said some of the data broke long-standing myths about what men and women considered their ideal mate.

The composite of the ideal woman is a flirtatious, thrill-seeker with average build, long, light brown hair and college degree, who doesn’t smoke, drinks socially and enjoys public displays of affection. Women seem to want pretty much the same: a bold, assertive flirtatious non-smoking social drinker with dark brown hair, an average body and a college degree, who likes to dance.

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