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Dress for diplomats

Washington, Nov. 30 (AFP): Concerned that sartorial scofflaws may be sullying the “professional image” of the US, the US state department has introduced a diplomatic dress code, according to an internal memorandum seen yesterday.

Although diplomats are not often associated with the kind of outerwear favoured by Madonna or Britney Spears, the memo bars US envoys and their charges from sporting midriff-baring clothing, halter tops and plastic sandals at work. While the rules do not mandate morning coats, striped trousers or top hats, they do remind members of the US foreign service that clothes still make the man (or woman) in the halls of diplomacy.

”As the leading US foreign affairs agency, the department of state is in the front line of customer service to the public at home and abroad,” says the directive, titled “Department of state guidelines on appropriate dress.”

Weird walk

London (AP): A man attempting to walk the length of Britain naked to promote the right to go without clothes in public has been arrested, hours after being released from jail. Stephen Gough — wearing only a pair of boots, socks and a knapsack— was arrested on Saturday for breach of the peace after complaints from residents in Evanton, a village in the Scottish highlands. Gough, from Eastleigh in southern England, has endured multiple arrests since setting out in June to walk 1,363 kms from Land’s end in southwest England to John ’groats in Scotland’s far north. “I’m just doing this walk and I’m not doing anybody any harm and I get arrested all the time,” Gough said before the latest arrest.

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