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Tipsy judge

Helsinki, Nov. 29 (Reuters): A Finnish judge who heard four criminal cases while drunk insisted the breath test was flawed because she was too busy to brush her teeth that morning.

During a hearing in March, Judge Leena Pettinen’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal driving limit, Finland’s attorney general said.

The judge said she hosted a party the night before, drinking “several glasses” of vodka punch, cognac, wine and beer. Pettinen did not deny being under the influence of alcohol at work, but said she had felt capable of doing her job.

“The breathalyser test result was affected by the alcohol that was left in my mouth and which I did not have time to remove in the morning rush by brushing my teeth,” Pettinen said.

Pettinen could face a fine or a jail sentence of up to one year for professional misconduct.

Croc chase

Hong Kong (Reuters): China’s answer to “Crocodile Dundee” joined the chase for a baby croc on the loose in Hong Kong on Saturday as an Australian hunter threw in the towel. He Zhanzhao, nicknamed “Crocodile Zhao” in an echo of the film character who wrestles crocodiles bare-handed in Australia’s outback, searched in vain for the 1.2 metre salt water reptile hiding in a muddy river in rural Yuen Long district. The arrival of the stout, baseball-capped 30-year-old crocodile farmer from southern China came as Australian hunter John Lever bade farewell to a city better known for its skyscrapers than its swamps.


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