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Bridge across dirty, danger zone

The buses on routes 37 and 47 have their stands on both sides of the Dhakuria bridge. There is a urinal complex close by, yet people urinate in the shelter of the buses. The combined stench of human refuse along with garbage dumped beside the bridge makes it dificult for pedestrians. Moreover, repairing of the bridge is also stalled for a few years. In some places, the concrete railings are hanging precariously, posing a life risk to people walking below. The government is merrily building flyovers across the city. What about maintaining the ones that already exist'

Subhasish Majumdar, Sonarpur.

Cremation blues

A huge section of the residents in north Calcutta use the Kasi Mitra burning ghat. But the condition of this burning ghat is really distressing. The steps have given way; the road leading to the electric furnace needs repairs. Even the waiting place for people accompanying the body needs to be cleaned. Although talks of beautification have been in the air, nothing has materiaised.

Debaprasad Mukherjee, Nayapatty Road.

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