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History, family shows on TV

Mumbai, Nov. 26: STAR and Zee-Turner have announced two new channels in their respective bouquets.

On Sunday, STAR will introduce The History Channel which is being brought to India through an affiliation with National Geographic Channel Network (India), said its managing director, Zubin Gandevia, at a news conference.

The History Channel, started in 1995 and available in 70 countries, is devoted exclusively to historical programmes. “There will be an India-specific feed to customise the product,” said Gandevia, though he added that all its programmes are made for viewing across the world.

The pay channel is meant for family viewing, he said.

Another new children’s channel, to be launched by Cartoon Network, too, will focus on older children and family viewing as many parents also watch Cartoon Network. The channel, to be launched on January 1 as part of the Zee-Turner bouquet, will be called Pogo. It will be exclusively for India.

There will be three segments in its programming, including one called “Family and Special Entertainment” in the evening.

To make the programmes palatable for parents as well as children, who are being lured by the entertainment channels during prime time, the new cartoon channel will host a variety of programmes, almost like an entertainment channel, and introduce live programming. The existing Cartoon Network has only animated content.

Saying that it will stress more on different genres of programming, as opposed to the existing channel, senior vice president of Turner Entertainment Networks Asia Ian Diamond said: “There is a need for a broader base of entertainment for children.”

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