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Itís good to have a few butterflies in your stomach before a game

How does one bowl the flipper and what should be the correct length'

(Mollier, 17, Nagaland)

Flipper is a delivery that skids through after pitching. The right length is just short of a length where the batsman gets a feeling that he can pull the ball.

I am an allrounder. But I feel very nervous before every game and this affects my performance. How do I overcome this'

(Anurag Biswas, 10, Calcutta-59)

Think positively. Think about your strengths, though, itís good to have a few butterflies in your stomach before a game.

I am a fast bowler. How do I avoid over-stepping'

(Amitava Mukherjee, 15, Barrackpore)

Lots of practice at the nets.

I am an allrounder. I fail to control my outswinger despite bowling close to the stumps. Please help.

(Gibbs Latrindika Khiangte, 15, Aizawl)

Focus on the spot where your want the ball to land.

I am a righthanded batsman. I always get bowled playing a full-pitch ball. I donít understand where lies the problem since I always watch the ball closely and play straight.

(Rahul Kedia, 22, Calcutta-26)

You are lifting your head too soon. Make sure the head is down at the time of contact.

How can one improve running between the wickets'

(Avishek Acharya, 17, Palta)

For starters, make sure the calling is loud and clear. You should also practice with a runner at the nets.

Whenever a leg spinner flights the ball, I try to step out and play, but often get bowled or stumped. Please help.

(Utsav De, 17, Calcutta-32)

Get as close to the pitch of the ball as possible to solve this problem. Also avoid lifting your head too soon.

I am a righthanded opener. I often get caught behind or in the slip cordon while trying to drive half-volleys. How do I avoid this'

(Ryan Mullick, 14, Calcutta-26)

You are playing with the ball away from the body. It also means you are not getting close enough to the pitch or the line of the ball.

I am a righthander and often get caught when playing a square cut. Please help.

(Lalit Kr Talan, 17, Kharsawan)

Get your weight into the shot by going back and across.

How does one reverse swing the ball. Should there be a change in grip'

(Md Afroz Alam, 13, Calcutta-16)

First concentrate on natural swing. Reverse swing will come to you naturally.

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