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‘Who likes to leave with a bitter taste in the mouth'’
RN Panda, West Bengal Telecom general manager (operations)

Decades for divorce decree
Twenty-five years ago, they decided they had had enough of each other. They started living separately in 1979 and filed for divorce in 1983. On Tuesday, they finally got what they have wanted for decades — the legal sanction to separate....  | Read.. 
Farewell eve rough-up for telecom chief
For the top telecom official in town, due to retire this weekend, the farewell — typically Bengal style — has come a few days...  | Read.. 
Killer crater tips bus over
Another life was lost to pothole peril on Tuesday, in a city supposedly on the fast track to development. A bus on route 79B,...  | Read.. 
Booked to share thoughts on write choices
“The only bearer of family memories.” That’s how Alex Clark, British literary critic, now writing her first book, perceives b...  | Read.. 
He’s 102 and he’s called Haridas Pal
On November 25, 1901, a baby was born in Dhaka, two months premature. The young parents, frightened by the infant’s frailty, ...  | Read.. 
The model footballer meets the model-turned-artist. Bhaichung Bhutia is presented a few T-shirts designed by Piu Sarkar, on the terrace of his Salt La ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Road to avoid
North Pole
Art watch
Khnuje Naao
This is a true story about Satyabati, nay, about a...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Tina TurnerYour cheerful and energetic personality inspires those around you. You have all ...Read.. 
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  Camera rolls, wheels halt
  Arijit dutta
Four more in net for Binod jailbreak
Sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested four warden...  | Read.. 

Light waves ahead in eye defect cure
Mapping the intricate details of the human eye and correcting its defects, ...  | Read.. 

Sleuths arrest man in pirated music haul
The city police on Monday evening arrested a man and recovered pirated audi...  | Read.. 

Embrace, with enthusiasm & rhythm
It’s a combination of Indian natyashastra and body weather, a blend ...  | Read.. 

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No decision yet on medical seats
Seven suffer acid burns
Dolphin dies
Road accident
Taslima book
Trains delayed
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Slow work keeps flyover on ground
Routed out