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Security step that adds to our steps

The recent restrictions on vehicular movement at Dum Dum airport are troubling passengers. The authorities have banned the entry of private cars to the airport building to pick up passengers. As a result, one has to walk down the parking lot with the baggage and look for one’s car. This becomes very difficult under the scorching summer sun or during a shower. With children, elderly people and sometimes even patients, it is even more difficult. The authorities must consider plugging the other loopholes in the security ring rather than cause problems for common people. S.C. Sekhsaria, Tollygunge.

Out of stock

I had gone to buy some National Savings Certificate papers from the Lake Town post office recently, but the stock was exhausted. The man at the counter told me to come a week later. I did so, but to my utter astonishment, the certificates had not yet been replenished. This is not expected of such an important public utility service. Rabindranath Kar, Sankar Ghosh Lane.
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