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‘Plans for the legal battle ahead have already been finalised’
Taslima Nasreen’s publisher

Love, lies & larceny
For 15 years, the widower made little effort to hide his love for a spinster colleague. Yet, when she lay dying on a city street earlier this month, the 50-year-old man quietly made off with the six-figure sum she had been taking to her bank....  | Read.. 
Court stay fills money-box
This week’s Calcutta High Court interim stay on the sale of Dwikhandita (Amar Meyebela-III) has resulted in a w...  | Read.. 
Husband swipes cards for a lakh
The trail of murky money matters twisted from a companion to a husband on Thursday. Even as Arun Das was confessing to his cr...  | Read.. 
CU scurry to avert aid recall
It is common practice for the ruling CPM in West Bengal to blame the central government for curtailing funds and hampering th...  | Read.. 
The boat’s inherited, so’s the dream
It began as a dream to sail around the world. Devi Mitra had planned and trained for it over a period of nearly two decades. ...  | Read.. 
(From left) Artists Jogen Chowdhury, Paresh Maity and Ganesh Pyne share a moment together at the opening of Portraits of a Decade, the 10th anniversar ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, November 21, 2003
Roads to avoid
Golf meet
A multi-cultural tableaux
Hindustani classical vocalist Pandit Kaivalya Kum...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Goldie HawnA positive outlook shines through whatever you do. You are an efficient worker ...Read.. 
Guest Column
The servants of yesteryear had their endearing eccentricities and added colour to a family’s life....  | Read.. 
Mother killed like father 11 months ago
The 34-year-old daily labourer killed his father 11 months ago. He murdere...  | Read.. 

Rivals get even over narcotics helpline
The drug helpline launched by Calcutta Police is working, but not in helpin...  | Read.. 

Turning negatives into positives
Concerned about your child’s short attention span, lack of communication sk...  | Read.. 

Guided tour of right path to street plays
Students of city schools and colleges have been demonstrating their commitm...  | Read.. 

Slum children join in song of the road
Swapan Naskar is 12 years old. He wears a Calvin Klein T-shirt and a pair o...  | Read.. 

Harassment hounds home repairs
The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) has embarked on a campaign to chec...  | Read.. 

Heart check to check-out, in hours
Abeer Basu, a 53-year-old executive in a multinational firm, was scheduled ...  | Read.. 

On high waters, to keep a dream alive
...  | Read.. 

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