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President’s palace bubble breached

London, Nov. 19 (Reuters): The White House voiced confidence in British security today after an undercover reporter infiltrated Buckingham Palace and posed as a footman in President George W. Bush’s royal suite.

As the palace launched an urgent investigation into the embarrassing breach, Bush’s team played down fears that his critics in Britain — be it by protest or sleuth — would burst the “bubble” in which the President usually travels. “We have every confidence in the British security,” White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said.

Buchan spoke hours after a tabloid journalist said he had tricked his way onto the palace staff in the run-up to Bush’s visit and, as a royal footman, was even due to serve breakfast to the Bush retinue this morning.

“We are living in an age of terror. We employed very basic subterfuge here and got incredible access,” said Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan. “It’s on one level almost bordering on the humorous, but in fact it’s incredibly serious.”

A red-faced Buckingham Palace said it would launch an urgent probe after a lapse that the Daily Mirror said could have exposed the world’s most powerful man to a terror attack at the heart of the British establishment. “We are conducting a full investigation into how this reporter came to be employed at the palace,” said a spokeswoman.

The British government insisted the President was never at risk from the liveried intruder.

“This person did not pose a risk to the President or to the queen,” said interior minister David Blunkett. “We are now turning our attention to those who may cause a risk.”

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