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‘I am a film-maker, not a politician’
Director Deepa Mehta, on coming to shoot in Bengal, post-
Water fiasco

A lakh and more to pull out teeth
Rupees one lakh, sixteen thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven — the cost of extracting a few teeth at a private medical centre in Salt Lake.  | Read.. 
Four pages that fell foul
The minority communities in both India (Calcutta) and Bangladesh (Dhaka) share a common fate,   | Read.. 
Lessons learnt and notes shared
Some came with notions of primitive methods and poverty, others had no idea what to expect. But for most, the experience was ...  | Read.. 
Green arsenal to battle plastic bags
In an attempt to rid the city of plastic, the Pollution Control Board (PCB) has taken up a programme to introduce and popula...  | Read.. 
Choppy water ebbs with chhoti bahu
Three winters ago, swept away by the choppy waters of Varanasi, she could well have surfaced on the Calcutta riverfront, than ...  | Read.. 
Theater Triebwerk, one of the best-known drama groups from Hamburg, Germany, left the audience enthralled with its English production, Speaking Sto ...  | Read
Hello, it's Thursday, November 20, 2003
Road to avoid
Hard Talk
Soulful and contemplative music
Music is the highest art and, to those who unde...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Bo DerekYou are warm and caring. You have a zest for life and live it to the fullest. Goin ...Read.. 
  Torn between political roots and populism
  Fee on final journey
  Look before you reap
Care facility for stomach, liver ailments
Liver failure, acute pancreatitis, life-threatening gastro-intestinal bleed...  | Read.. 

Tip-off swoop nets seven
Seven criminals operating in the city and its southern fringes were netted ...  | Read.. 

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Apex court orders pay commission
Two killed in road mishaps
Cop injured
Undertrial ill
Thumbs Up
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A driving force behind herbal cure
he was a car driver in Rajasthan a few years ago. Now, he’s an ayurvedic do ...  | Read..