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Kasparov in crucial win

New York: World chess champion Garri Kasparov claimed a crucial victory on Sunday in the third of a four-game match with his computerised rival x3d Fritz, tying the first virtual-reality showdown at 1.5 points each.

The ‘Man vs Machine’ match pitted Kasparov against the 12-year-old programme that has recently been developed into a virtual-reality game by x3d technologies, a sponsor of the match.

“It was just a dominating performance by Kasparov,” said John Fernandez, x3d’s chess consultant. “He disarmed the computer’s biggest weapon, which is its calculating ability.”

Fernandez said Kasparov dominated the five-hour game from the opening move and then continued to play “perfectly” as several hundred spectators looked on.

Kasparov, 40, tied the computer last week in the first game and lost the second one. Players get one point for a win, 0.5 point for a tie and no points for a loss.

A confident Kasparov told a press conference following the match that he was “in a very good mood now.”

Despite the win, Fernandez said he thought Kasparov would have a hard time repeating his performance at the final match on Tuesday.

“It’s hard to believe he’d beat this thing two games in a row,” Fernandez said. “It’s always hard to beat these things. You need to get a good position that the computer doesn’t understand and then play perfectly.”

The International Computer Games Association and the US chess federation have sanctioned the match as the first official world chess championship in virtual reality.

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