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Cable lines snapped in turf war

It’s a turf war of a different kind being waged on the city’s northern fringes. And it’s hurting several thousand residents, who are likely to miss out on the TVS Cup cricket final on television, because infighting among cable operators has led to snapping of lines.

For the past three days, the office of the Barrackpore Cable Connection Network (BCCN) in Barrackpore has been flooded with complaints. Everyone wants to know when the lines will be restored, but the operators have no answer.

Trouble broke out three months ago, when two groups of cable operators, one controlled by Jhileek Cable Network (JCN) and the other by several independent operators clubbed under the BCCN banner, developed differences of opinion over locality rights. One spat led to another and soon, cable lines began to get snapped after midnight.

Asit Bhowmik, a BCCN operator, alleged that JCN, still in an infant stage, was demanding that over 2,000 connections under BCCN control be handed over to it. Dipankar Mukherjee, JCN representative, countered: “It was our lines that were being snapped by BCCN members.” He said JCN is not financially capable at the moment to even pick up a fight with BCCN. “All their allegations are false. In fact, we have lodged complaints with the police about our cable lines being snapped.” he added.

Both the JCN and the BCCN faction have called separate meetings on Tuesday to try and find a solution to the problems.

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