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Mickey magic

Los Angeles, Nov. 16 (AFP): Mickey Mouse, the rodent who built a multibillion-dollar business empire, turns 75 on Tuesday, but at an age at which most stars retire, this one is looking to conquer the digital world.

Walt Disney’s most famous round-eared creation, whose face and silhouette are familiar to generations of children across the world, first appeared on November 18, 1928 in the animated short film Steamboat Willie.

And now Disney is adapting Mickey to 21st-century digital technology, with the release next year of Mickey’s twice upon a Christmas, which for the first time features him in three-dimensional computer-generated images.

The secret to his longevity, according to Dave Smith, Disney archive director, is his sunny disposition. “Mickey Mouse has fun all the time. He is drawn by artists who keep him young, and he never ages.

Proud papa

Berlin (Reuters): Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti, 68, said on Sunday he would marry the mother of his infant daughter in December and he wanted to have another child after the baby girl’s twin brother died in the womb in January. “We lost Alice’s twin brother and if I knew another pregnancy would go smoothly I would say I want another baby immediately,” he told Bild am Sonntag newspaper. Pavarotti, one of the world’s top tenors, said he and his ex-secretary Nicoletta Mantovani, 34, planned to wed on December 13 in Modena, northern Italy. Pavarotti also has three daughters from his ex-wife.

Tough law

Singapore (Reuters): Singapore, where prostitution is legal and oral sex is a crime, is doing some soul searching over morality, sexuality and the law. Debate over laws on sex is growing after a 27-year-old man was jailed for two years for receiving oral sex. Local media said that she was 16 years old, above the age of consent in Singapore.

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