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Pakistan embassy spy on the run

London, Nov. 16 (PTI): A former British secret service MI5 agent who blew the whistle on an attempt to bug the Pakistani high commission here has fled to the continent and is threatening to reveal more about the aborted spying operation.

The agent claimed to have a dossier of evidence, including documents and photographs revealing details about MI5’s espionage techniques and what information it was trying to obtain about Pakistan, the Sunday Times reported today.

The man, a building contractor who was codenamed ‘Notation,’ left Britain this month, shortly before the Sunday Times revealed the spying operations.

British home secretary David Blunkett, who is furious about the botched spying operation and the leak, has denied signing warrants authorising the espionage attempt.

That appears to contradict claims by Notation who said he received detailed assurances from MI5 that the home secretary has issued warrants. He said, “Claire, my handler, told me on several occasions how MI5 obtained the warrants from Blunkett”.

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