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Piped dream of a clear passage

The eastern pavement of College Street, starting from the Colootola intersection to Bowbazar Street and Ganesh Chandra Avenue, has turned into a haven for traders. Various types of merchandise like orthopaedic appliances, bathroom fittings, ironware, garments and other objects stored in these shops cause a lot of problems for pedestrians. The condition of the stretch has worsened as a result. Often, the traders unload corrugated sheets and pipes about 20-foot long from trucks parked on the street. This can cause a mishap anytime. The civic authorities must take up the issue with the traders. Diptimoy Ghosh, Salt Lake.

In the dark

Streetlights in front of the Phari bus stop in Salt Lake are not in good condition. Naturally, it poses a danger for pedestrians using the stretch after dark. Those lights which are working emit a very dull glow. The area is slowly turning extremely accident-prone. Necessary steps should be taken immediately. Rimli Datta, Salt Lake.
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