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Paradorn says bye to Tata

Bangkok: Asia’s No. 1 tennis star Paradorn Srichaphan has ended a highly publicised affair with another Thai celebrity, singer Tata Young, reportedly on the orders of his disapproving father, who also doubles up as his coach.

The six-week relationship between Thailand’s two most famous personalities, which was lived out on the front pages of the local press, ended in another storm of publicity as they were photographed leaving a “break-up” meeting.

“I was sorry that my father felt so stressed after the news (of the relationship) broke. And to end all this, I decided not to see her again,” Paradorn told a national daily.

His father Chanachai denied the romance had hurt Paradorn’s game, despite a recent dip in form, but acknowledged concerns that the controversial liaison had been unpopular with his fans.

“There have been lots of faxes and phone calls from Paradorn’s fans expressing their disapproval of the relationship,” he said in a television interview.

Paradorn’s family reputedly has a strong influence over the star player and his mother Ubol had openly predicted the relationship would not last. Newspapers gave blanket coverage to the break-up with Tata, a half-American singer who was accused of publicising the relationship to promote sales of her new album.

“Paradorn Srichaphan’s romance with the pop queen didn’t last much longer than a Grand Slam tournament,” said the nation newspaper.

The liaison “triggered strong responses from his mother and the so-called Hate Tata Club, a loose alliance of people which believes she’s cocky and disregards traditional Thai norms of behaviour,” it said.

The pair began their affair at the Thailand Open in September, where they chatted, flirted and linked arms in an open display of affection.

But the romance began to turn sour when Tata revealed details of the relationship on a top-rating TV talk show.

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