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After Immersion

What is Life' According to ancient Indian philosophy, life is immortal. It is a continuing, indestructible force that is eternal, can transcend barriers of time and space or, in other words, all physical and metaphysical levels. In this vast universe, life is the only mobile force that motivates continuity. Life transforms itself and takes multiple shapes to complete its journey. After its cycle is completed, life’s temporary abode, the body, dies and perishes. But Life doesn't end there. It never does. It only takes a new form and continues its journey. Hence creation and destruction are not opposing forces. Rather, they compliment each other. There is creation because there is destruction. This is the prime motive behind immersion of idols. Anirban Seth’s third solo exhibition focuses on this aspect. He transcends the barriers of the visual world of deities and icons and probes the enigmatic mystery beyond existence. He specialises on painting on leather but is equally at ease while working on canvas and paper.

When: Till November 16: 4 pm - 8 pm

Where: Birla Academy of Art & Culture, 4th Floor

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