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Avenger slits braveheart throat

A few days before the Pujas, Joydeb Dey, 35, a vigilante in Ahiritola, had stood up to a local bully, forcing him and his inebriated mates to let go of a neighbourhood woman they were teasing, and leave the para. “We will come back and get you for this,” the bullies had warned.

They kept their word. Late on Monday, 31-year-old Saumitra Chakraborty, alias Bhaiya, and two associates slit Joydeb’s throat with a razor inside a Tata Sumo on PWD Road, near Dunlop.

They also tried to kill Joydeb’s friend Badal Sen, 30, but were stopped by residents of the area, drawn to the car by his cries for help. One of Bhaiya’s associates, Sonu, and driver Shankar were caught.

Bhaiya and his mates, Kartik and Sonu, had earlier dragged Joydeb and Badal into the vehicle while they were waiting outside a fast-food centre on bustling BK Pal Avenue. “They, apparently, forced them into the car and sped away before anybody could realise what was happening,” said detective department chief Soumen Mitra.

CPM local MLA Sudhanshu Sil, who reached the spot soon after, said no one had suspected foul play as Joydeb, a pharmaceutical company employee, Bhaiya, once a computer buff, and Kartik, had grown up together.

A reconstruction of the crime by sleuths revealed that Bhaiya, Kartik and Sonu picked the two friends at around 10.30 pm on Monday, shoved them to the floor of the speeding Sumo and beat them up. The three were drinking continuously and they probably stopped at a restaurant for a quick bite.

At around midnight, one of the three whipped out a razor. “You can’t do this to me… We are from the same para…,” pleaded Joydeb, but to no avail.

The razor slashed his jugular, killing him instantly, according to Badal’s testimony.

Badal was rescued by local residents when the car slowed down near Dunlop and was taken to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, where he was treated and soon discharged.

Police have issued an alert for Bhaiya and Kartik, believed to have been holed up in a central Calcutta red-light area till Tuesday morning.

M.L. Chakraborty, father of Bhaiya, sounded devastated when contacted by Metro. “I had warned him time and again not to indulge in anti-social activities, but he did not listen to me. The boy had taken to drinking recently. He could otherwise not hurt a fly, but would become a devil when drunk. I will not appoint a lawyer to fight his case. He may be my son, but if he has committed a murder, let the police treat him like a criminal.”

Back at Ahiritola, anger and anguish greeted the news of the braveheart’s brutal murder.

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