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Objective 2: Sufficient minimum income for all older persons, paying particular attention to socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

Actions: (a) Consider establishing, where appropriate, a non-contributory pension system and disability benefit system; (b) Organize, as a matter of urgency where they do not exist, social protection/social security systems to ensure minimum income for older persons with no other means of support, most of whom are women... (c) Take into account the living standards of older persons whenever pension systems and disability insurance, as appropriate, are being reformed;

(d) Take measures to counteract the effects of hyperinflation on, as appropriate, pension, disability insurance and savings arrangements; (e) Invite international organizations, in particular, the international financial institutions, according to their mandates, to assist developing countries and all countries in need in their efforts to achieve basic social protection, in particular for older persons.

In emergency situations, such as natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies, older persons are especially vulnerable and should be identified as such because they may be isolated from family and friends and less able to find food and shelter. They may also be called upon to assume primary caregiving roles. Governments and humanitarian relief agencies should recognize that older persons can make a positive contribution in coping with emergencies in promoting rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Objective 1: Equal access by older persons to food, shelter and medical care and other services during and after natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies.

Actions: (a) Take concrete measures to protect and assist older persons in situations of armed conflict and foreign occupation, including through the provision of physical and mental rehabilitation services for those who are disabled in these situations; (b) Call upon governments to protect, assist and provide humanitarian assistance and humanitarian emergency assistance to older persons in situations of internal displacement...

(f) Recognize that older refugees of different cultural backgrounds growing old in new and unfamiliar surroundings are often in special need of social networks and of extra support and aim to ensure that they have physical access to such services; (g) Make explicit reference to, and design national guidelines for, assisting older persons in disaster relief plans, including disaster preparedness, training for relief workers and availability of services and goods; (h) Assist older persons to re-establish family and social ties and address their post-traumatic stress; (i) Following disasters, put in place mechanisms to prevent the targeting and financial exploitation of older persons by fraudulent opportunists;

(j) Raise awareness and protect older persons from physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse in emergency situations...(k) Encourage a more targeted inclusion of older refugees in all aspects of programme planning and implementation, inter alia, by helping active persons to be more self-supporting and by promoting better community care initiatives for the very old;...

Objective 2: Enhanced contributions of older persons to the re-establishment and reconstruction of communities and the rebuilding of the social fabric following emergencies.

Actions: (a) Include older persons in the provision of community relief and rehabilitation programmes, including by identifying and helping vulnerable older persons; (b) Recognize the potential of older persons as leaders in the family and community for education, communication and conflict resolution; (c) Assist older persons to re-establish economic self-sufficiency through rehabilitation projects, including income generation, educational programmes and occupational activities, taking into account the special needs of older women; (d) Provide legal advice and information to older persons in situations of displacement anddispossession of land and other productive and personal assets;...

(e) Provide special attention for older persons in humanitarian aid programmes and packages offered in situations of natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies; (f) Share and apply, as appropriate, lessons learned from practices that have successfully utilized the contributions of older persons in the aftermath of emergencies.

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