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Letters to Editor

A different order

Sir — Which of the two is preferable — an individual who makes no bones about the fact that he is gay, or one who, taking advantage of his ecclesiastical position, preys on young boys' Surely not the latter' Then why is a section of the Anglican church refusing to accept Gene Robinson as the bishop of New Hampshire, especially when he has passed all the requisite tests (“Gay bishop takeover tears church apart”, Nov 4)' The Anglican church must award its punishments judiciously, and restore a kind of discipline among its ranks which will prevent its representatives from protesting over such non-issues as this.

Yours faithfully,
Sudeshna Patil, Calcutta

Post haste

Sir — The Parnasree Pally post office, which began operation 35 years ago, catering to a few thousand residents of Parnasree Pally, Kazipara, Pallisree and MID Road, still functions from a small, dingy room although its clientele has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It is no surprise that it has become increasingly difficult for the existing staff to cater to the needs of the clients now.

The post office usually serves through three counters. One is meant for selling stamps and stationary, another handles registrations, money orders, telephone bills and so on, while the last deals with monthly income schemes, savings accounts and suchlike. The huge workload generated can hardly be handled by the few persons manning the two counters. In fact, anyone passing by during the working hours can see customers standing in serpentine queues in front of the post office, or hear heated exchanges from inside. Sadly, none of the parties involved in these fracas are usually at fault, but helpless victims of the administration’s indifference. To compound the problems of space, a number of make-shift stall have sprung up around the entrance of the post office.

The post office of one of the fastest-growing localities of the city is crying out for a few measures: more staff and counters to distribute the workload, larger premises with enough space for people, especially senior citizens, to wait, and removal of vendors and makeshift stalls from the entrance to the office. The area allotted for sorting could easily be turned into a large waiting enclosure, while the upper floor could be utilized better. The residents of the area will gladly lend a helping hand to whatever the authorities decide to do to improve the existing conditions of the post office.

Yours faithfully,
A.R. Naha and others, Calcutta

Sir — At the Jhargram head post office, the interest on public provident funds is added to the principal sometimes after one year or more. As this interest has to be added to the principal annually, the PPF account holders suffer financially. I have personally brought this to the notice of the savings bank clerk and the deputy post master, who were not sure what could be done about it and advised me to lodge a complaint. Then I tried to talk to the post master, who simply refused to listen. In the absence of avenues of proper redressal in our town, I think this problem requires the intervention of the post master general.

Yours faithfully,
Prasenjit Bhakat, Jhargram

Rule of one

Sir — The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalithaa, has reasons to feel offended, but the Union environment ministry was merely complying with a Supreme Court order in asking specified projects to get clearance from it.

Jayalalithaa, in one fell swoop, decided to pull down university buildings and student hostels to make way for her pet scretariat complex, in the same way that she has been autocratic on the freedom of the press, liquor policy, ration cards and the Cauvery waters dispute. She did not bother to consider the views of the elected representatives on putting such a huge pressure on the exchequer. Can she put all the blame on the environment ministry'

Yours faithfully,
S. Deenadayalan, Secundrabad

Sir — The leaders of other states should follow J. Jayalalithaa in ordering the stoppage of animal sacrifice in their states.

Yours faithfully,
R. Sekar, Angul, Orissa

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