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If men can, why can’t Aguilera'

Edinburgh, Nov. 6 (Reuters): Christina Aguilera is fuming. What’s so wrong with wearing skimpy outfits and making raunchy videos, she wants to know.

“I’m a strong female who has an opinion,” said the pop diva whose steamy video for her big hit Dirrty raised so many eyebrows.

“I see a lot of double standards in society,” she told Reuters Television in an interview ahead of the MTV Europe awards here, which she is hosting. “Men can do things and women can do the same things yet get criticised for it, labelled for it — they are just constantly put down for things that men can do so freely and so openly and get almost praised for.”

And while she’s in the mood... she’s not wild about the press either, especially the gossip-mongers.

“The press is just a bunch of rubbish,” she said. “They never get a story right. And it’s always rumours and gossip.”


Fortunately the billion or so fans who are expected to tune into the awards ceremony are likely to see a lighter side of the 22-year-old Aguilera.

The show could be a double cause for celebration for her. She has been nominated for four awards, including best female artist and best song.

“I’m hosting and I am nominated so on both counts I am honoured,” she said.

Aguilera first burst onto the music scene back in 1999 and came under fire for the provocative Dirrty video.

But whatever the critics said, the fans sat up and took notice and cash registers started ringing.

“I’m always kind of in the spotlight for what I wear and sometimes for what I don’t wear,” she admitted.

Aguilera who could soon follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and launch a film career, now urges her fans to “expect the unexpected from an artist like me.”

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