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A hole in the way of a safe walk

The number of open manholes is increasing by the day in the city. The one in front of Punjab National Bank in Salt Lake poses a serious threat to vehicles and pedestrians. Local residents, including the elderly and children, can be dragged into a mishap during their early morning stroll. The municipal authorities have not even bothered to put a warning sign near the hole.

Rimli Datta, Salt Lake.

Space jam

A large portion of the south-eastern flank of Rashbehari crossing has been occupied by fast food stalls and street-dwellers. There is hardly any space left on the footpath in front of Muktangan. One can find the squatters carrying out daily chores on the kerb with their families cooking, bathing and washing. In the evenings, mosquito nets are tied across the breadth of the footpath. A pay-and-use toilet, set up recently near the Southern Avenue boulevard, remains unused as a nearby tap flowing round-the-clock serves their purpose.

Asit Kumar Mitra, Southern Avenue.

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