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Property for realtors, shrine for the faithful

Bishop’s House at 51, Chowringhee Road appears to be in the eye of a storm that is raging and will not be abated (Highrise to oust Bishop House, Metro, September 13). To us, who form the Communion of the Church of North India, closely linked to the Anglican Communion, and are members of the Diocese of Calcutta, demolition of Bishop’s House amounts to desecration of a holy shrine.

Bishop Wilson, the fifth bishop of Calcutta, built this magnificent edifice around 1830, overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral, also a product of his vision, binding them together in conjugal affinity, with God’s blessings. Seated on the grand patio of the House, facing west, he would drink in the glorious panorama that is the cathedral and its surrounding gardens. He and his successors had access to this haven of tranquility, whenever the Spirit moved them. And on Sundays to attend services, through the little wicket gate across the road, they did not need a limousine to make a stately entrance through the main gate.

How could the members of the executive committee, the apex body of the diocese, take such an outrageous decision is beyond my comprehension. Bishop’s House is as much a legacy of the congregation as it is that of the Bishop and the committee. Granted that the roof of this majestic building is suffering from age fatigue, but that does not mean it has to be pulled down. Has no one thought of restoring this precious monument'

We carried out the restoration of St Paul’s Cathedral in the past 10 years at a cost of approximately Rs 45 lakh. The entire amount came in the form of donations. So there is no dearth of generous people who would willingly donate funds for such a worthy cause.

Vimla C. Subaiya,

Address not given.

Taxing trouble

It is a matter of shame that the state government guest house has been enlisted as a defaulter for non-payment of property tax (Tap threat for Salt Lake tax, Metro, Oct.4). We should not blame the municipal authorities for disconnecting water supply and withdrawing other civic services for lapses of the state government officials.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Husbands’ day

We were glad to see the picture of women holding a programme to mark Karwa Chauth, after a day of fasting for the sake of their husbands’ health and prosperity (Fun in the ‘fast’ lane, Metro, October 11). This is a thoughtful addition to the calendar which has brother’s day, sister’s day, women’s day but no husband’s day.

Diptimoy Ghosh,

Salt Lake.

Missing medico

It is shocking to learn that at the same moment when cricketer Rajnis Patel was fighting for his life at SSKM Hospital, the doctor under whom he was admitted was busy at a private nursing home (Teen death doc in duty skip, Metro, October 7). The doctor’s claim that he was treating patients there only as a “voluntary service” is utterly comical. It is common knowledge that the healers in our community are becoming increasingly greedy, despite being so well-off.

Kunal Saha,

Columbus, Ohio.

Weather became him

Apropos the report ‘Watch weather sans Goldar’ (Metro, October 9) the former met office chief R.N. Goldar had become synonymous with weather forecasts for the past one-and-a-half decades. In case of wrong forecasts, people used to blame him instead of the Met office.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.

Cut up with cops

The treatment meted out to Sanjoy Bhattacharjee was uncalled for (Seek cop help, end in lock-up, Oct 13). Such incidents discourage people from approaching the police for help. No wonder they take the law into their hands so frequently.

T.R. Anand,

Budge Budge Trunk Road.

A yen for heritage

Mayor Subrata Mukherjee’s suggestion for preservation of heritage buildings is most welcome (MP funds for heritage keep, Metro, Oct 8). In fact, 20 per cent of the MP’s fund meant for local area development can be channeled to the preservation fund.

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.


This is to clarify that while the ITC Sangeet Research Academy has expanded to instrumental music, our focus remains on vocal music (Harmony, in chords & strings, Metro, Nov. 4).

Amit Mukherjee,

Executive director, SRA.No free flow: Every drop has a price

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