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Men like to splurge on guests

London, Nov. 3: Men are keener than women to impress dinner party guests with many prepared to spend £200 or more on a meal for six, research suggests.

But women are more likely to do their own cooking. More than half of the men admit to relying on ready-made meals from supermarkets or other forms of assistance to feed their guests.

The desire to cook for friends at home is compared in the report to “our earliest ancestors who hunted, gathered and shared food together”, according to its author David Warburton, professor of psychology at the University of Reading.

The report, compiled by Ernest and Julio Gallo wines, says nearly 28 million people in Britain hold a dinner party at least once a month. About 80 per cent spend up to £80 for parties of six. One in 10 men say they regularly spend more than £200 on their guests, while just 1 per cent of women show such generosity.

Despite the popularity of food programmes and the celebrity of some cooks, two thirds say they prefer to stick to the recipes learned from their mothers.

If they dare to attempt something less familiar, they opt for a recipe by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. No amount of recipes involving the drizzling of extra virgin olive oil or the use of a raspberry coulis can persuade people away from more traditional food. The report finds 35 per cent prefer to serve “meat and two veg”.

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