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Jogi runs to Lyngdoh with ‘Hitler’ complaint

New Delhi, Nov. 2: Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi may be cut up with the chief election commissioner but he expects J.M. Lyngdoh to protect him from the barbs of rival parties.

On Friday, Jogi complained to Lyngdoh against the BJP’s portrayal of him as Hitler. “The manifesto of the BJP, titled Aarop Patra (Chargesheet), depicts a picture of me dressed as Hitler on its cover,” he said.

He wanted to know if the commission shared the BJP’s portrayal of him in cartoons as a “missionary”, seeking the Pope’s blessings, and as a “rapist”.

Jogi wondered if the commission did not find this a clear case of violation of the model code of conduct that came into effect in Chhattisgarh on October 6. “I am shocked to see that the honourable commission finds nothing remotely objectionable in this,” he said.

Jogi had recently challenged Lyngdoh on the commission’s directives to the state to transfer two district collectors who accompanied him on a tour of their regions, suspend distribution of school bags with his portrait on them and stop transfer of government publicity hoardings to the Congress.

The chief minister’s latest complaint comes ahead of the three-member commission’s visit to the state on Tuesday, when it is expected to look into Jogi’s code violation charges.

Jogi’s complaints are not restricted to rival parties, including the Nationalist Congress Party. He has also accused the Raipur Doordarshan Kendra of depicting three Congress legislators as “monsters” in a programme “derogatorily titled Kaccha Chittha”.

The commission’s “silence” till now on all the “glaring” instances of a personal vilification campaign has angered Jogi enough to accuse it of denying him natural justice.

He expects the commission to issue a directive to his political rivals to desist from painting him as a villain after its tour of the state. Jogi, however, is expected to be in Delhi to finalise the poll nominees when the commission comes calling.

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