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Besieged doctors cripple hospital
RG Kar Medical College and Hospital plunged deeper into chaos today with junior doctors going on a day-long ceasework and the hospital — left gasping by the strike — turning out every patient except a measly 15 till late evening. ...  | Read.. 
Ayodhya fresh shot with masjid mediator
Syed Ahmed Asghar Rizvi is the newest explorer trying to crack the Ayodhya maze, armed with a claim that he already has a roadmap to unravel the age-old tangle in barely two weeks. ...  | Read.. 
Muggles to maglus, boy wizard goes desi
Watch out, all you maglus, the wizard is arriving, in Hindi. ...  | Read.. 
Two women share past and inspiration
Youth speaks of trauma of rape, experience shows way forward
There were two — not one. ...  | Read.. 
Junior doctors during the protest at RG Kar Hospital on Sunday. Picture by Amit Datta
Clearly, it is a tragic day for Americans

on the Chinook shootdown
Jailbreak Binod back with broken leg
The 39-day free run of Sheikh Binod, one of the city’s most-feared criminals, ended before dayb ...  | Read..
Cricket ignites tinderbox town
The tinderbox syndrome in post-riot Gujarat was on full display today with a cricket ball trigg ...  | Read..
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Satraps get a stinker from Sonia
Sonia Gandhi has asked faction leaders of the Rajasthan Congress to de ...   | Read.. 
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Minister drops ‘anti-secular’ bomb on govt
A minister in the Left Front government today alleged that many of the ...   | Read.. 
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Bagan make EB toil for title
Ashim Biswas’ brilliant first-half goal was neutralised with a penalty ...   | Read.. 
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Wife’s trail leads to arrest rerun
For the second time in three years, it was the woman who led the police, un ...   | Read.. 
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The sins of their fathers
This is the title of a book that appeared some years ago about Joseph Kenne ...   | Read.. 
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Conflict of choices on money menu
If there’s a tightrope-walking contest, Y. V. Reddy will give the best a r ...   | Read..