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Letters to Editor

Fascism comes calling

Sir — Will Syed Abdul Rehman Geelani be further victimized for speaking some harsh truths on his release from Tihar jail (“Freed, Geelani lashes out”, Oct 31)' Surely, no one expected the suspended Delhi University lecturer to be full of praise for the institutions of governance which framed him into inches away from the death sentence. When Geelani said that “fascists are somewhere in the corridor of power”, he was merely voicing a truth that conscious citizens of India have known for some time now. Is it Geelani’s fault if many of his countrymen have sold their souls to the fascists'

Yours faithfully,
Geetha Krishnan, Chennai

Terror unleashed

Sir — Although Sunanda K. Datta-Ray would like to see Israel forsake its claim on “the territory it seized from Jordan, Egypt and Syria”, it is a rather absurd idea (“Someone else’s land”, Sept 13). If only one cares to think back, Israel defeated in the 1967 war those aggressors who were determined to remove Israel, the lone Jewish state in the world, from the world map. Since its birth, Israel has been constantly under threat from its neighbours. It is not fair to call the acts committed in self-defence expansionist or imperialistic. It must also be understood that for its own survival, Israel needs to prioritize racial identities when it comes to citizenship.

Yours faithfully,
K. Roy, Kalyani

Sir — It is no great revelation that it is the United States of America and its regional satrap, Israel, are the biggest threats to world peace (“The real axis of evil”, Oct 12). Not only do they have designs on the land and natural resources of other sovereign states, but they are on the way to becoming the new colonists, coming up with feel-good ideas such as globalization.

They have mastered the new technology not for the benefit of the people, but with the idea of subjugating them. The rest of the world must get together and fight their sinister design.

Yours faithfully,
A.Q. Siddiqui, Jamshedpur

Sir — Sunanda K. Datta-Ray’s argument in “The real axis of evil”, on “the state terrorism of Israel and the US” is entirely valid and hard-hitting. But it struck me while reading the piece that Pervez Musharraf is also in the habit of accusing India of perpetrating “state terrorism” in Kashmir. This is a problem peculiar to Kashmir and India: when the government takes action against terrorists wreaking havoc all over the country, it becomes state terrorism. Maybe Datta-Ray could compare such “state terrorism” with the kind perpetrated by the US and Israel in one of his future articles.

Yours faithfully,
Shalil Ghosh, Mumbai

Road rash

Sir — I recently visited Calcutta and went to Belurmath. On our way back to Calcutta, we took Howrah Road, for it allowed only one-way traffic. The road was in an abysmal state. Most of the stretch had caved in and it seemed that the authorities were not the least bit bothered about repairing it. It had plenty of water-filled craters, each nearly a foot deep. We were scared that the car would simply break down under the stress. I suggest that the chief minister make a surprise visit himself to check if a word of what I say is untrue. A lot needs to be done to the state’s infrastructure if it expects to attract tourism or investment

Yours faithfully,
Arvind Jayaswal, via email

Sir — The Rajarhat Road, the only road which connects the new satellite township to Calcutta, is full of potholes, and a pedestrians’ nightmare. The road is unsafe for vehicles as well. This being an important connector, steps should be taken immediately for its repair.

Yours faithfully,
Ashvini Kumar, Rajarhat

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