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Play late and donít lift your head while flicking
Vary line and length to prevent batsmen from sweeping

What should be the position of the head, shoulder, knee and toe of the bowler at the time of releasing the ball'

(Pradipta Mukherjee, 21, Calcutta-29)

No fixed positions. Work on what comes naturally to you. Make sure your head is still, you are watching the spot where you want the ball to land and do not allow it to fall away at the time of delivery.

I always get bowled while attempting a square cut. Why does this happen'

(Aman Pandey, 12, Calcutta-13)

You are obviously trying to cut a ball too close to the off stump. Also ensure that you are back and across when looking to cut.

I am an allrounder. Firstly, I overstep when attempting to increase the pace of my delivery. Secondly, I have problems tackling deliveries which are aimed at my body. Please help me overcome the problems.

(Bilok Sharma, 20, Darjeeling)

Measure your run up with a string, that will help. While batting, watch the ball and make use of the depth of the crease when playing back as that would give you the extra bit of time.

I am a righthander. I often get bowled when trying to flick a delivery. Please help.

(Avishek Acharya, 17, Palta)

Play late and donít lift your head at the time of playing the shot.

I am a righthanded batsman. I often get bowled or am adjudged leg before when attempting the reverse sweep. Why does this happen'

(Rahul Kr Damani, 14, Assam)

You are obviously picking up the wrong ball to play the shot. Also concentrate first on the sweep and forget the reverse sweep for a while.

I am a lefthanded fast bowler. How does one bowl the slower delivery'

(Anish Guha Majumder, 18, Cooch Behar)

You got to spread your fingers and also it needs a subtle change of action.

I am a left-arm spinner. How do I develop the one that comes in with the arm'

(Rajib Guha, 14, Calcutta-16)

Again it requires a slight change of grip and is a ball bowled from the edge of the crease normally. Your fingers are not spread as wide at the time of gripping.

I am a righthanded batsman. While tackling short-pitched stuff, I often offer catches at forward short leg. How do I avoid this'

(Samir Das, 16, Calcutta-12)

You are not well balanced. You are also not using the depth of the crease when playing back. There is also a possibility of playing a ball you should not be playing.

I am a left-arm spinner. How can I prevent the batsmen from sweeping deliveries'

(Tapas Ghosh, 19, Calcutta-8)

Alter your line and length.

How can one improve close catching'

(Sankhya Das, 17, Calcutta-10)

Demands a lot of practice. You should be taking a hundred catches from your coach at the end of every practice session. Fielding is something you got to work on.

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