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Red Cross plans partial pullout
The traditionally neutral Red Cross, reeling from a devastating car bomb attack on its Baghdad headquarters, said today it would pull some foreign staff out of Iraq but would continue to operate there. ...  | Read.. 
Muslims fear fallout of Italy crucifix row
Leaders of Italy’s Muslim community say they fear a controversial court order to remove crucifixes from a school could poison budding relations with Catholics. ...  | Read.. 
11 trapped miners rescued
Eleven Russian miners, trapped for nearly a week after a giant underground lake burst into their shaft in southern Russia, have been found alive and brought to the surface, l ...  | Read.. 
Somebody else’s disgust is also yours
You don’t need to actually see or smell something unpleasant to know it is disgusting — you only need to look at someone else’s expression, according to research published to ...  | Read.. 
Pop star Justin Timberlake (left) and his girlfriend, actress Cameron Diaz, watch a basketball game in Los Angeles on Tuesday. (Reuters)
Jessica snubs Iraqi saviour
A journey to the home town of Jessica Lynch by the Iraqi lawyer who helped to free the young Americ..  | Read.. 
Dramatic last hours of the Titanic released
The Titanic’s stern pointed directly up at the night sky and stayed there for a full two min..  | Read.. 
Kremlin hawks’ influence grows
Prosecutors targeted another top shareholder in Russia’s bi ...  | Read.. 

Poll setback for Sharon party
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Right-wing Likud party slumpe ...  | Read.. 

Mahathir sarcasm greets US sweetener
Two days off retirement and stung by Western condemnation o ...  | Read.. 

Iran refuses to share Qaida secrets with US
Iran said today it would not share intelligence with the US ...  | Read.. 

Cool air balm for California wildfires
Cooler weather today could help exhausted firefighters batt ...  | Read.. 

Post-war toll climbs past combat deaths
The US post-war combat death toll in Iraq climbed past the ...  | Read..