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Guest gnomes

Paris, Oct. 28 (Reuters): A French police station has been stuck with a room full of homeless garden gnomes, victims of a wave of gnome abductions, after a fresh bid to trace their owners failed.

Only a trickle of people showed up for yesterday’s “gnome return day” at the police station in Saint-Die-des-Vosges, near the eastern city of Strasbourg, and only one person was reunited with their stolen gnome, police said.

Some 75 kidnapped gnomes were recovered in 2001 after a group called the Garden Gnome Liberation Front released them, leaving them on the steps of the Saint-Die-des-Vosges cathedral. Police are yet to reunite 43 of the gnomes with their owners.

wanting to set them free, the Liberation Front has virtually imprisoned them,” policeman Sylvain Brucker said, adding that the local prosecutor could decide to sell the kitsch garden ornaments in a police auction.

Film fanatics

Oslo (AFP): Hundreds of Norwegian fans of Lord of the Rings who queued for up to three weeks outside an Oslo cinema in chilly wintry temperatures were rewarded Monday with tickets to the premiere of the final part of the Tolkien trilogy. More than 600 people, some dressed as hobbits, elves or magicians, had lined up outside the Colosseum cinema for tickets to Lord of the Rings: Return of the Ring. Some had set up tents outside the cinema despite temperatures that dropped as low as freezing. “Now I'm going to go home and take the longest bath ever taken,” 19-year-old Camilla Welde, who with three friends got the first tickets that went on sale, told daily Aftenposten.

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