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NCR Corp plans mobile ATMs

Calcutta, Oct. 27: NCR Corporation India, the ATM major, is working on leveraging the advantages of the wireless technology to facilitate one-point banking services to the customer.

“As wireless technology matures, we are looking at leveraging its advantages for the Indian market requirements,” managing director Deepak Chandnani said.

NCR has tested and enabled deployment of the general packet radio service (GPRS) technology in mobile ATMs to serve customers in different locations within a given area. This technology allows maximum utilisation of ATMs, while providing enhanced convenience to users. It provides real-time information exchange through a wireless medium. The mobile ATM van is equipped with a security system that includes a global positioning system to track its movements as well as other security requirements.

Chandnani said, “GPRS is a low-cost technology in terms of recurring costs, depending on the number of connection points. Being a portable device, it is simple to install. The efficient use of bandwidth ensures an ‘always on’ connection and is ideally suited for sudden bursts of data traffic.” “ATMs are an effective way for banks to increase reach and penetration. There is also a significant reduction in transaction costs for the bank. An ATM transaction costs less than half of a teller transaction. ATMs are touch points that form a crucial customer interface channel,” added Chandnani.

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