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Aces up Australian sleeves
- From masseur to analyst, system ready to keep players on their toes

Gwalior: If the old adage that there is a woman behind every successful man holds true, the Australians owe their superb fitness to lady masseur Lucy Frostik. She is only part of the five-man support staff the squad has in India besides coach John Buchanan and manager Stephen Bernard.

The list of staff also includes the squad’s security in-charge Reg Dickson and former Sri Lankan physio Alex Kontouri.

Frostik has been associated with the world champions since their tour of South Africa last summer. The massage therapist, as she is called, only travels overseas. She has been with the national men’s and women’s hockey teams previously.

“She has been fantastic. She is very popular and the players like her,” Australian media manager Jonathan Rose told The Telegraph on Sunday.

Interesting has been Kontouri’s inclusion. The Melbourne-based Australian, he has been contracted by Cricket Australia to fill-in for Errol Alcott, the regular physio who is on leave.

“It’s a temporary arrangement as Errol was spending time at home. We needed to find another experienced man who could take charge. We have been lucky that Alex was around,” Rose informed.

The staff also has Tim Nielsen as assistant coach-cum-performance analyst. The former South Australia wicketkeeper, who also led the state team when Darren Lehmann and Greg Blewett were not around, has been around since the ICC Champions Trophy in Colombo, September 2002. His coaching apprenticeship was under Greg Chappell.

The other person who plays a big role in the players’ fitness is physical performance manager Jock Campbell. He came on board during the 2000-01 series against the West Indies. He is the man who calls the shots during training sessions and conducts various physical drills.

Campbell has been personal trainers to the Waugh brothers, Mark and Steve, besides serving several rugby sides in the National League. At times, he has also trained tri-athletes and sprinters.

The team’s security adviser Dickson has been travelling for some time and he was in India earlier — with Steve Waugh’s team in 2001.

Consultant Mike Young — the baseball coach who has had a huge impact on the side’s fielding, especially throwing, during the World Cup — is not around on this tour.

While the Indians struggle to have a masseur along with the team during a series, both at home and abroad, the Aussies’ list of support staff only keeps expanding.

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