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William and Harry want to meet butler

London, Oct. 26: Prince William and Prince Harry are demanding a meeting with Paul Burrell, the disgraced former royal butler, because they believe that he is still in possession of secrets not included in his new book.

The Prince of Wales and his sons fear that Burrell has an inside knowledge of more “highly sensitive” events that took place during his two decades of royal service.

They suspect that he has access to further confidential letters written by senior members of the Royal Family.

He may also have information on an alleged male rape on a member of Prince Charles’ staff that was said to have taken place 14 years ago.

A senior aide to Prince Charles said last night: “We know the book is going to be published this week and we have to accept that.

But we are worried that another bolt could come of the blue at any time and we want to stop it. This would mean a private meeting with Paul Burrell. William and Harry want to see him because they know him well and have had a close relationship with him. They hope they can persuade him to understand their position.”

Yesterday Burrell seemed to be an increasingly isolated figure. Rosa Monckton, one of Diana’s close friends, who had been prepared to act as a character witness at Burrell’s trial, said she had been wrong to trust him when he vowed never to betray his former employer’s secrets.

“Now he joins the rest of the vultures who had the task of looking after her in picking over the bones of her existence in his book, A Royal Duty. Never was a book more inappropriately named,” she said.

Monckton, who holidayed with the Princess shortly before her death, echoed the concerns voiced by Prince William and Prince Harry on Friday.

Burrell, who defended writing his book, said he is prepared to meet the Princes, adding that their “little minds” had been poisoned by members of the royal family.

Burrell told the Sunday Times newspaper in an interview that the disclosures so far — which include a letter in which Diana claimed someone was planning to kill her in a car crash — are only the “tip of the iceberg”.

Burrell described himself as “the keeper of these secrets” and said he hoped the princes would change their minds about his book in the future.

“I hope one day they would like to know how their mother lived,” he said. “ She lived a very solitary life. I am the only one who witnessed that life.”

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