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Eight fast Porsches, gone in 30 minutes

London, Oct. 25: Criminal life imitated cinema art yesterday when a gang of thieves drove off with a “shopping list” of high performance cars worth half-a-million pounds.

In scenes echoing the Nicolas Cage-Angelina Jolie film Gone in 60 Seconds, the gang stole eight Porsches, a Lotus and a Mercedes after breaking into a garage in Cambridgeshire between midnight and 12.30 am. But, as in the film, the forces of law and order triumphed. The thieves had not realised the Porsches were fitted with satellite tracking systems and seven of the cars were traced to an address in London later in the day.

The eighth was found in a lay-by after apparently running out of fuel, though the Mercedes and the Lotus were still missing last night.

In the Hollywood version, Cage led a gang of car thieves who, in one night, stole 50 used, high performance cars to order.

In the raid at Harston, just outside Cambridge, the vehicles were mainly used, high performance models and police described the gang as highly organised.

Real life imitated celluloid again, with most of the cars in both cases being recovered intact and none of the thieves apprehended.

A window was broken at the Lancaster Porsche garage in Harston but there was no other obvious damage as the thieves took the cars from a supposedly secure compound

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