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Tracing the essence of reality

Rabin Mondal belongs to a generation to which angst is not an abstract philosophical idea but a crucifying personal experience. As a result when he translates his experiences into drawings and paintings, they reveal a world whose lineaments are strife and violence, loneliness and dread. It is peopled by a succession of grotesque and deformed figures, images of frozen fury and spectral alarms, irremediably estranged from their own selves and from everyone else, metaphors of muted despair. As Mondal says: “The uneven matrix of contemporary life envisages an inexplicable tragedy of modern civilisation. Throughout the world the situation of uncertainty, horror, violence and exploitation is pervading the mind of sensible people. As a painter I feel anguished, disturbed and alienated and whenever I draw, paint or try to create an imagery, I find no return to a soothing environment of Utopia...Archetypal images and archaic forms in my paintings evoke a sense of primitiveness often with an affinity towards tribal or folklorish forms. I have used them simply to have raw vitality, simplicity and freshness that often guide me in the execution of my work.” This exposition traces the evolution of Rabin Mondal, the painter and the master.

When: Till October 26

Where: Galerie La Mere, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture3, Regent Park

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