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Seven. Did you inform the police Headquarters about this volatile situation'/ Yes, My Lord, we did contact the D.C. Headquarters and informed about the situation. Actually we did not apprehend that the situation will turn in that fashion as because human behaviour is unpredictable and that is the reason we could not assess the situation before hand.

8. This Court does not appreciate philosophical answers from you, when you completely failed to tackle the situation, that prevailed on that day and as a result thousands of people were stranded during the office hours. Donít you think that your department failed to perform the usual duty for which they were posted'/ Yes, My Lord, to some extent we failed to tackle the situation as we did not expect such large number of people joining this procession with traditional weapons and turning violent. When we tried to prevent them from blocking the main roads and crossing of the roads, they became violent and desperate. There were other meetings also which was to take place on that day itself.

9. Now, so many things are coming out, one by one, there was a procession and there was another meeting at other place also and all these are happening with the permission and knowledge of the police personnel. What steps are taken to tackle these and protect the rights of the common people'/ My Lord, as soon as we get information about any meeting or procession we deploy our traffic personnel at various point and our Assistant Commissioner, Officer-in-Charge and Inspectors are given specific charges and they are usually on duty at these places before hand to tackle the vehicular movement. The Police Administration on the other hand deploy separate police personnel to tackle law and order situation.

10. My question is not only in respect of this issue. What is the system of getting information of such meeting or taking out of such procession in the commercial hubs of the city' When they are supposed to serve notice about their meeting or procession'/ Usually meeting are held at three points, namely at Rani Rash Mani Sarani, at Saheed Minar and at Brigade Parade ground. For these places prior permission are granted by the D.C. Headquarters and Special Branch of Police collects information about the nature of gathering etc. The organizers are supposed to inform the police department fifteen days prior to such date on which they wish to hold meeting for taking out procession.

11. Is there any system to know as to how many people are going to attend to assess the gathering before hand ó do you call upon your counter part D.C. Headquarters or Railway Authority to assess the number of people gathering to attend such meeting or procession'/ My Lord, whatever information are gathered by the Special Branch of Police that are usually on to us and we act accordingly.

12. According to you what should be the priority of the administration to allow the precisionists take over the streets of Calcutta and paralyse the life as a whole or to allow the common people and other officials to discharge their respective duties'/ It is the duty of the administration to protect the right of the people at large and allow them to attend their respective duties, but on that very date the situation really went out of gear all of a sudden and the force which were deployed and the officers who were posted at these cross-roads failed to tackle the situation as the processionists were unruly and turned violent at times. So we have to stop the movement of cars and other vehicles and allowed the procession to move. Moreover, traffic police are not armed police personnel so they had limited resources to tackle any major violent situation and to avoid such situation accordingly our officers decided to act that way.

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