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Javed Miandad on Kiran More

“Many people, myself included, remember that match for a testy exchange that went on between the Indian wicketkeeper, Kiran More, and me. More was appealing for everything in sight and was being a real nuisance. His incessant ranting was making it difficult for me to concentrate. I complained to one of the umpires, who instructed More to zip it up.

“Of course, this only managed to get More even more worked up. His frequent appealing was bad enough, but it was the constant chatter he kept up whenever he wasn’t appealing that got to me. He would go on about what the Indians were going to do, how they were going to overwhelm us and how all my efforts were going to amount to nothing. It was all delivered in rather colourful Urdu, and it was making it impossible for me to concentrate. We had been set a target of 217, and I had walked in with our innings at 17 for two. I had a difficult job to do as it was, but More’s antics made it harder than it needed to be.

“I finally turned around and confronted More. 'Talk and appeal all you want, Kiran’, I told him, ‘but stay quiet once the bowler has taken his start and I have settled into my stance’.

“For a while after that, More put a lid on it, but then he started again. It was extremely annoying. Obviously, words — from myself as well as from one of the umpires — hadn’t got through to More. So, I decided to make fun of his antics and jumped around the wicket like a kangaroo to ape how excitable he had become. It was captured by all the (TV) cameras and by a number of photographers. It became one of the images of the 1992 World Cup.”

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