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Bush denied blank cheque
In an embarrassing rebuff to President Bush, the Senate yesterday approved a measure that could force Iraq to repay half the $20 billion the administration is seeking for reconstruction of the war-torn country. ...  | Read.. 
BBC faces Catholic ire
English and Welsh Catholic bishops attacked the BBC today, saying its recent religious affairs programmes were biased, hostile and offensive to the church. ...  | Read.. 
Four US soldiers killed
Four US military police personnel and two Iraqi policemen were killed when roof-top attackers fired on their patrol in Karbala, a US military spokesperson said today. ...  | Read.. 
Mahathir angers Israel
Israel today condemned the Malaysian Prime Minister’s remarks about Jews at an Islamic summit, accusing him of spreading the kind of “classic anti-Semitic propaganda” that le ...  | Read.. 
Pervez Musharraf in Putrajaya, Malaysia. (Reuters)
Osama hunt on, says Pervez
Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is still alive and probably holed up somewhere in the remote, mount..  | Read.. 
Clooney gets behind the camera
George Clooney will slip behind the camera to produce The Jacket, which begins filming early..  | Read.. 
Koizumi a good friend: US President
President George W. Bush praised his close ally, Japanese P ...  | Read..