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Mrityu Na Hatya

Only a few decades ago, the world was witness to the rise of the neo-left movement in both the developed and the developing countries and even the backward countries alike, beyond the traditional confines of the communist establishment. The volatile movement shook the very foundation of the countryís socio-political structure, and it is well known how the state machinery came down on it heavily to crush it. Dario Foís experimental play, Accidental Death of an Anarchist centres around the death of 16 innocent people in a bomb explosion in Milan, Italy in 1969, following which the countryís left extremists were indicted. It was ultimately proved, however, that the fascists were actually responsible for the heinous crime, long after the national and international media had held the left extremists responsible and had launched a scathing attack against them. The play won appreciation with Fo masterfully casting an explosive subject and a tragic incident in the mould of an outright comedy, and depicting skillfully the fact that the state machinery and the ruling classes have and will misuse power and stifle the voices of the protesting masses in the same autocratic manner, irrespective of time and place. Nandipatís Mrityu Na Hatya is based on Dario Foís play, and is directed by Bibhas Chakraborty.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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