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Nurse death probe pins blame on hospital neglect

A high-level probe into the death of a nurse at Medical College and Hospital on Saptami night (October 2) has blamed medical negligence for the incident.

Tripti Biswas, a 35-year-old nurse in the old nursery wing of Medical College and Hospital, was admitted in the same hospital on October 2 in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

Investigations by a four-member committee — initiated by the state government to probe the death following allegations of negligence — revealed that the medical team looking after the nurse had postponed a planned surgery from morning to late in the evening without any plausible reason, which allegedly led to her death.

The probe committee learnt that Tripti, the mother of a six-year-old son, had no complications leading up to the surgery.

“Doctors monitoring her health asked her to get admitted on Saptami for a Caesarean section, because they would not be available during the Pujas. Tripti, too, had opted for a surgery so that she could return home before Lakshmi puja,” a member of the probe committee said. Accordingly, Tripti got admitted on October 2, but her surgery was postponed for some unknown reason, though similar operations were being carried out in the hospital.

At 10.20 pm, Tripti had a Caesarean section and doctors announced the birth of a boy, adding that both baby and mother were stable. But around 1 am, Tripti’s husband, Asit, was told that her condition had deteriorated.

Three-and-a-half hours later, doctors told Tripti’s family that she would be taken in for an emergency surgery and the relatives were asked to arrange for blood. Soon, she was shifted to the cardiology department for emergency resuscitation. A little later, Tripti was declared dead.

Investigations have so far indicated that Tripti had not been put on life-supporting devices, despite developing post-operative complications.

She was shifted to the cardiology department nearly six hours after the surgery and the cardiology department staff had informed doctors that Tripti was “already dead” when she was ushered into the ward for emergency treatment.

“I am monitoring the investigation and will get the final report soon,” said Medical College and Hospital deputy superintendent A. Biswas.

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