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Govt raps Bharti
- Use of spectrum tardy

New Delhi, Oct. 11: The department of telecommunications (DoT) has pulled up Bharti Telenet Ltd, the basic fixed line service providers for inefficient utilisation of spectrum allocated to the company to be used with code division multiple access technology (CDMA).

In a letter written to Bharti Telenet Ltd (BTL), the DoT has said the company has not used the spectrum, which is a scarce resource.

Officials in DoT also pointed out that while the group on ministers on telecom is seeking to allocate additional spectrum from the defence ministry, companies have failed to use it in an efficient manner.

A letter written by DoT criticising BTL for inefficient use of spectrum states, “Bharti is not interested in providing the CDMA services and has occupied 2.5+2.5 megahertz of spectrum which raises the question for the effective utilisation of frequency spectrum.

Bharti has not applied any Base Transceiver Station (BTS) sites to get standing frequency advisory committee on radio frequency allocation (SACFA) for obtaining SACFA clearance.”

The note further points out, “Bharti has not even finalised the vendor for setting the infrastructure for providing CDMA services.”

Badri Aggarwal, president, infotel leader of Bharti Televentures Ltd (BTVL), said, “We are in the process of finalising the vendor and hope to complete the process by the year-end. The spectrum will be used to provide wireless in local loop service and not limited mobile service.”

Aggarwal heads the Bharti Broadband, Bharti Telesonic and Bharti Telenet companies within the Bharti group.

He refused to comment on the letter written by DoT. “I cannot comment on any letter. I am yet to get such a correspondence from DoT,” said Aggarwal.

Bharti has been granted a licence to provide basic telephone services in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Bharti has also obtained the frequencies for providing CDMA services in these states.

However, DoT has pointed that the company has not started wireless services in any other circle apart from Madhya Pradesh.

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